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The Sunstreams Group invites search engine positioning firms to help artists promote their web sites on the internet.

Internet reaches into every corner of the world and much like music does, unites the world into one 'family'.  It is our goal to help artists promote their web sites and bring creativity to  the world wide web. 

Artists and musicians should be spending more time painting and composing rather than hoping for a record company to offer them a 'deal' and a contract.  Too often musicians lose the creative spirit in search of recognition or simply making a living thru their art.  With the arrival of the internet we now have a situation in which anyone can offer their art - whether it be music, photography or painting to a world audience free of charge. 

Hopefully the tools in this web site will facilitate the spread of creativity and further help to unite people and foster understanding and appreciating of other cultures all over the world as music and dance has done over the centuries.

This web site is in gratitude to the unknown artists and undiscovered stars who offer their souls in squares and alleys of Europe in order to get a hot meal in their bellies.

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