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Web Design and Marketing strategy

Having an attractive website is important if you are going to keep your visitors on your page for more than just a moment, but if they can't see your page it's no good at all!

One of the most common mistakes webmasters make is designing a wonderful site that looks great in Explorer and doesn't work in Netscape. There are all sorts of variables to consider when building a web site, including which browser users might use, the screen resolution they have, what plug-ins they have (flash, real-audio etc.) and which version of the browser they are using. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is to make navigation easy both for the visitor as well as the search engine spider.  While frames are appealing to many web designers they cause real problems for search engine positioning consultants.  Unfortunately, most search engines are not able to index frames correctly and if they do you might end up with a frame from a frameset indexed.  In that case you surely need to place a script in the frame which redirects the visitor to the frameset page where the entire frameset can be found in its context.  Remember also to include information in the NoFrames commands so visitors with browsers that don't support frames have something to look at and search engines have information to index.

There are quite a few good sources for Javascripts, we recommend the Javascript Source for good scripts with examples that you can plainly see in action.

A great tool to check out how your browser looks in various settings as well as lots of other useful webmaster resources can be found at Any Browser.

Webmasters can also make use of the many tools provided by Delorie Software which allow for viewing websites with Lynx viewers and how spiders typically view websites.


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