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Sunstreams - Internet Consulting Firm


Internet Consulting and Promotion Strategies

Sunstreams offers free internet consulting to artists and musicians who are trying to promote their web sites globally and invites search engine optimization firms and internet marketing agencies to join us in building a better web community for all.

The first step in establishing yourself on the web of course is in the selection of a good domain name.  Obviously the more descriptive the name the better, but a good strategy is to choose a domain name that will be easy to remember as well as keyword rich.

A useful tool in searching for .com .net and .org domains is Better Whois:


Once you've registered your domain the next step is in creating a dynamic web site which not only attracts visitors but keeps them coming back!

There is always a compromise between graphics and functionality in regards to search engine optimization.  Some webmasters overlook the importance of keeping the html simple so that our search engine spider friends can easily index our web sites.

A good web site is one that can be seen by all users no matter what browser they are using or screen resolution.  It is important to check how Netscape viewers view a web site that may have been created with Explorer in mind.


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